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Event Four: Highbrook Business Park- Sunday 14th September 2014

Laps, Distances & Start Times


Event 4

Start Times


September 14th 2014


Highbrook Business Park

4 laps



3 laps



2 laps



1 lap








Course Overview: 

The distances are; 2km for kids, 7km, 14km, 21km & 28km, the course is 7km loop course. 

Course Maps: 

Click here to view the 7km Course

Click here to view the Kids Course (2km)

Click here to view the start/finish area

Important Course Information: 

You are required to run on the footpath, not the road unless directed by a Marshal, as roads are open to normal traffic.  Please remember the road rules, and be aware of your safety and what is happening around you.  Please do not cross the road at any points unless part of the marked course. A marshal will be at each of these points to assist you. Please obey them. Be aware of pedestrians and cars backing out of driveways at all times.  All tracks will be marked with arrows attached. 

Depending on what event you are competing in, depends how many laps you will be required to do. (Between 1 & 4) Please be aware that when starting your next lap you will be running past the finish line down a chute, on either the left or right (depending on the event). 100m from the finish line you will be able to choose to run down the ‘next lap chute’ or the ‘finish line chute’ there will be a sign with arrows. 

Highbrook Course Details:

The start for all event options is at the end of Pukekiwiriki Place in the start/finish area. You start running up a 100m incline then down hill to the roundabout at the entrance to Pukekiwiriki Place, ensuring you stay on the footpath on the left hand side of the road. Marshals at the roundabout,  end of Pukekiwiriki Place will  direct you around the roundabout to the right onto Kerwyn Ave, back onto the footpath. Follow Kerwyn Ave until you reach Springs Road, turn left , follow Springs Road for 600m then turn left onto Allens Road. Follow Allens Road staying on the footpath until you come to Neilpark Drive, you will then be directed to turn left onto Neilpark Drive for 35m where you will Marshalled to cross the road, turn right, back up to the top of Neilpark Drive, turn left back onto Allens Road. Continue to follow Allens Road which follows onto Highbrook Road turn left onto Business Parade South then left back onto Kerwyn Ave, continue along Kerwyn Ave until you reach the Marshalled roundabout  where you will once again be directed to turn right back into Pukekiwiriki Place back onto the footpath. Head up Pukekiwiriki Place climbing to the top of the course, then enjoy the last 100m decent to the finish line at the end of Pukekiwiriki Place for one 7km lap.

Please stay on footpath on the left hand side of the road, and cross roads only where Marshalled to cross and remember roads and footpaths are open to the public as usual. Always follow the instructions of the Marshals at all times, they are there for your safety.

Kids Event: 

The Kids Event starts at the end of Pukekiwiriki Place and heads up for 100m then  runs down to the Marshalled turnaround  where you will be directed across the road where you will turn right and head back up Pukekiwiriki Place for 60m where you will be directed to turn left down a small path onto the reserve, follow the path around a small pond, once around the pond turn left staying on the pathway then turn left again and head back to the reserve entrance you came down, turn left up the path back up to Pukekiwiriki Place, turn left and head to the top of the hill and then enjoy the last 100m decent to the finish line.

Please stay on the footpath on Pukekiwiriki Place and take care around the pond. Always follow Marshal instructions and have fun.  


General Information: 

Event Four will be held at The Highbrook Business Park, Auckland. http://www.highbrook.co.nz/location/

Event Day Registration opens from 7.00am until 30min prior to your Event Start (7:00am for 8:00am start / 8:30am for 9:00am start / 10:00am for 10:30am start). Please collect your race number and timing chip from Registration.

Please visit Event Day Set Up page for further information about Gear Drop Zone, Recovery Area, Team Sites, Vendors, etc

Parking at Event 4, Highbrook Business Park

Limited public car parking available at 25 Pukekiwiriki Place.   All other parking along El Kobar Drive.

Turn off Highbrook Drive onto El Kobar; at the end of El Kobar, turn right.

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